Our Cleaning Process

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

Cleen Trax utilizes a revolutionary new carpet cleaning method called encapsulation. This low moisture cleaning method is perfectly suited for commercial carpet cleaning.

We start by thoroughly vacuuming your carpet with a high quality, commercial grade vacuum. Up to 79% of all soil in carpets is dry and loose, and it is essential that these soils be removed before you get the carpet wet. Then we apply our encapsulators and scrub the area. The agitation of the brushes will release the sticky soil from the fibers, without the need for excessive amounts of water. As the soil releases, it is “captured” and crystallized into a fine dust, which is virtually invisible and easily vacuumed up once dry. We pay special attention to spots and heavy traffic areas – all while using Green, non-toxic, non-abrasive and safe products for your carpet. Check out some Before and After pictures to see just how amazing our carpet cleaning method is!

All products used in our cleaning process have the CRI (Carpet Rug Institute) Green Seal of approval. Cleen Trax uses the industry’s most advanced process, which will remove ground-in soil and completely revive your carpet’s appearance.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several benefits to Cleen Trax’s low-moisture carpet cleaning method.

  • Your carpets will be dry in less than 1 hour, so you can get on with business as usual.
  • No more recurring spill stains, or the return of stains days or weeks after our technicians leave.
  • The cleaning chemical we use has a built in fluoro-protector called Soileze, which helps to keep the carpet cleaner for longer.
  • You will also enjoy the benefit of knowing that without leaving behind sticky residue associated with steam or wet cleaning, your carpet will not prematurely re-soil.
  • Because we don’t over wet your carpet, you will not experience many of the common problems associated with steam cleaning, such as browning, carpet expansion, and carpet shrinkage.

Still not convinced? Let us come out and give you a free carpet cleaning demonstration. You will be amazed with the results!

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